Batting Pads

DSC Intense Rage Batting Pads/Leg Guard – Size MENS

Introducing the DSC Intense Rage Cricket Batting Leg guard for Boys (Right) – a perfect blend of comfort and protection for young cricketers. With high-density foam and cane construction, compact design, leg-hugging straps, and cloth-lined bolsters, this leg guard delivers optimal shock absorption and stability. The PVC facing enhances durability, making it an ideal choice for young players seeking reliable protection on the cricket field. Elevate your game with the DSC Intense Rage Leg guard. Key Features: - High Density Foam and Cane Construction: Experience maximum shock absorption with the high-density foam and cane construction of the DSC Intense Rage Batting Leg guard, ensuring optimal protection for young cricketers. - Compact Design with Tri-Section Shinbolsters: The leg guard features a compact design with tri-section shin bolsters that wrap comfortably around the legs, providing extreme protection during cricket matches. - Leg Hugging Design with Wide Straps and Foam Wing: Enjoy a leg-hugging design equipped with two 2" wide straps and a foam wing for stability, ensuring a secure fit and enhanced comfort throughout the game. - Cloth Lined Bolsters with Ankle Foam: Designed for extra comfort, the leg guard boasts cloth-lined bolsters with ankle foam, offering a cushioned and comfortable feel for young players during extended periods on the field. - PVC Facing for Durability: The leg guard is equipped with PVC facing, adding durability to the design and ensuring long-lasting performance, making it an ideal choice for young cricketers.


Pre-Knocked Bats on limited stock.